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Kramer Injury Law LLC offers a wide range of personal injury legal expertise, from the more simple auto accident injury litigation to the most complex chemical exposure claims. See below for a detailed description of case types the firm litigates. If your personal injury case type is not listed below, we can still help you. If you want to speak with an attorney capable of litigating any type of personal injury claim against even the largest corporate defendants, then give Kramer Injury Law LLC a call.

Auto Accident Lawsuits

Driver negligence too often causes personal injury to the victims involved, with over 1,000 traffic fatalities reported in Illinois each year. With the increasing use of cell phones, “distracted driving” has only resulted in more personal injuries.

Bicycle Accident Lawsuits

According to the City of Chicago, bicycle accidents account for nearly 10% of all accident types occurring within the City of Chicago. When a cyclist is hit or injured from a dooring accident, they are at greater risk of serious harm.

Drug & Device Lawsuits

If a large company commits even a small act of negligence, it can hurt a lot of people across the country. Drug makers and medical device manufacturers should be held accountable for their negligence.

Trucking Accident Lawsuits

Tractor trailer trucks commonly experience tire blowouts and rollovers due to the extreme wear and tear on these large vehicles which are oftentimes negligently maintained. Due to their size and blind spots, truck drivers frequently commit negligence resulting in personal injuries to motorists.

Traumatic Brain Injury

Research using the latest scanning technology proves permanent brain injury occurs far more common than previously understood. The lasting impacts can be subtle and nuanced, but devastating to the injured party. Hiring an attorney that understands the implications that even a mild brain injury can have on your life is vital to ensuring that you receive adequate compensation.

FELA Cancer Litigation

Railroad workers are exposed to a host of cancer causing substances on a daily basis. The exposures include benzene, diesel exhaust, and creosote. If you worked on the railroad for many years and developed lung cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, or bladder cancer then you likely have a lawsuit.

Personal Injury

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If you are injured in an automobile accident, in an accident at work, or in some other way due to someone else’s negligence, the first piece of advice you may get from your family and friends is to call a personal injury lawyer.

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